Sameera Sullivan

Lasting Connections: The Elite Matchmaking Service

by Jacquari Harris
| July 13, 2016 11:13 pm CDT

Founder and CEO Sameera Sullivan knows a thing or two about men, dating and finding the perfect match. As an expert in the recruiting and matchmaking industry, Sullivan created Lasting Connections as an elite matchmaking service for men who could meet their ideal counterparts. Sullivan recently spoke with me about her service and why Houston is a great place for dating.

JMG: What makes Lasting Connections different from any other matchmaking service?
SS: Basically, with Lasting Connections, we are an elite, boutique matchmaking service and we’re very personalized. The reasons why my clients value me so much is because I only take on three to five clients a quarter. I personally get to know them, work with them and I get to know their lifestyle. A lot of my clients come from word of mouth, and it’s really about if this person is going to be a good fit for what I do, and if this is someone that I could match for sure. You know, there’s a lot of people out there and it’s not going to always work out. They may be single forever or serial daters. I’m selective with the clients that I work with. They’re putting their love life in my hands and that’s a pretty important decision.

Is there a certain type of client that you absolutely would not take on?
Of course, definitely. Let’s say for example, there’s a 55-year-old guy who’s looking for somebody in their 20s. That’s something where I’m like, “Hell no, you need to go find Ashley Madison or something like that.” They’re totally about their money and they’re looking for arm candy and somebody they can support, and it’s not about a relationship, it’s about ego. It’s a red flag. I also don’t take someone on that talks bad about their ex-wife in 80% of the interview. They’ll talk about how bad they are and how much money they took. They don’t make good clients. There’s other red flags, like if the guys is a complete sociopath and I won’t take them on as a client. I’m a pattern breaker. I will literally break people’s patterns and coach them in what they need, not what they want.

Is dating in Houston different than dating in any other major city?
I’m married, but there are so many amazing men in Houston, and when women are nagging about it, I’m like, “What are you nagging about? Get off your dating app and go out and meet people.” There’s more single men in Houston than in Portland or New York. I feel like in this day and age people are more fixated on their dating apps and websites. But when they’re out with friends at Starbuck’s or at a restaurant, they’re not making eye contact with the single men out there. I think Houston is great for dating.

Where’s a good place to go on a first date in the summer?
If you’re meeting someone for the first time, coffee dates or wine bars are good. Café Brasil on Westheimer is a good place. I always say first dates keep it basic. Don’t make a big deal out of it. Dinners are good.