Holman Draft Hall

Holman Draft Hall Opens This Fall

by Jacquari Harris
| September 12, 2017 8:39 pm CDT

For hard-core sports fans and bar enthusiasts, where you watch your favorite games and sports teams has become such a personal decision. Sure, the local dive bar can tune in to see the Texans on Channel 2. But with high stakes, big bucks and craft beer on your mind, only a certain type of venue will do.

So, here’s a place to consider: Holman Draft Hall. It’s a new two-level venue opening in early October with wine, spirits, 100 beers on tap, and a full kitchen.

Located at 820 Holman near downtown Houston, Holman’s newly constructed space was once occupied by VRSI. In 2016, I described VRSI as “a venue that can seamlessly pair luxury with comfort and cocktailing.” Holman is owned by the same owners as VRSI, so I’m expecting the same level of ingenuity: sleek aesthetics that are suitable for off-the-moment drinks, mingling and game-day watching.

For more on Holman Draft Hall, visit their Facebook page here.

Holman Draft Hall | 820 Holman, Houston, TX 77002