Kelly Rowland Coffee

Kelly Rowland from the "COFFEE" Music Video

Kelly Rowland's 'COFFEE' is
Bold, Confident and Summer Ready

by Jacquari Harris
| April 22, 2020 12:17 am CDT

Kelly Rowland’s “COFFEE” is a smooth pick-me-up. A mid-tempo song that’s rich both lyrically and visually, and it arrived at the perfect time.

Rowland’s quiet-confidence and sex appeal is something that fans have enjoyed from her as a solo artist for almost 20 years. From her Grammy Award-winning smash hit “Dilemma” with Nelly to her No. 1 dance hit “When Love Takes Over” with David Guetta to the vogue-inspired “Commander,” Rowland’s return to the music scene never goes unnoticed.

With her latest release “COFFEE,” Rowland is taking listeners on a tropical journey with Caribbean-infused beats and a sultry vocal that makes this song the ultimate pre-summer teaser. Rowland sings about “coffee and sex in the morning” and that “they say morning wood do a body good.” It’s an inside look at the 39-year-old’s sunrise activities and she’s not shy about it.

Kelly Rowland Coffee

The music video for “COFFEE” is stunning. It’s a celebration of beautiful brown skin with Rowland embracing every lyric with her super-toned body while riding a horse, playing in the sand, and grooving to the beat in the ocean with her dancers. Rowland exudes a level of “grown-woman” confidence in the video that’s empowering to see.

The sunlit clip makes us wish summer was already here and you can watch the full music video below.

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