Red Sparrow

Jennifer Lawrence as Red Sparrow

Jennifer Lawrence is a Russian Ballerina Turned Spy in ‘Red Sparrow’

by Christopher Joseph | March 1, 2018 11:57 pm CST

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Often times we get stories written by accomplished writers, or a biography of a soldier who did some incredible things in the line of duty, but we don’t often get stories written by actual CIA officers. Red Sparrow is not your standard novel turned movie. Although set in a factitious world, the actions of the main character could very well happen in our world. Red Sparrow is a Russian spy thriller that gives the audiences a peak behind the world of espionage.

Based on a novel written by Jason Matthews, Red Sparrow follows the tale of a talented ballerina named Dominika (Jennifer Lawrence). Dominika suffers a break in her leg, which leaves Dominika and her mother alone for an uncertain future. Dominika is manipulated and finds herself enrolled in Sparrow School, a secret program that trains young people to become living weapons capable of destroying countries at a whim. After years of grueling and sadistic training, Dominika becomes the most feared assassin.

With the release of the Red Sparrow, a few Marvel fans have pointed out comparisons to Red Sparrow and Marvel’s Black Widow. As both of them are from Russia, highly trained assassins, they both went to a school to become assassins, among other similarities.

Red Sparrow is now playing in theaters.