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The Houston-Based Founders of Chêne Have Created
Stylish Shoes That'll Make You Pop

by Jacquari Harris
| February 26, 2019 11:51 pm CST

The winter season is one of the most fashionable seasons of the year. From weather-ready coats to puffer vests to tech-friendly gloves, comfort and style go hand-in-hand, especially when it comes to your shoe game.

For the modern man with an eye for style, your footwear can tell your story. Whether you’re a personal trainer who lives at the gym, a trendsetting guy on-the-go, or a Wall Street banker, a man’s shoe collection can make a statement. The right shoe can make you feel and look good, which are important factors when selecting a shoe brand. Of course, you could sift through the same old designers, but if you want to level-up in 2019, check out Chêne Du Paris, a shoe line with regal energy.


Patina Sartorial

Christian Chêne and Carlos Zermeño are the Houston-based founders of Chêne Du Paris. The shoe brand is inspired by the timeless style of French shoemaking; however, the shoe line is handcrafted in Spain by seasoned artisans.

The exceptional line of Chêne products include: boots, shoes, sneakers, loafers, bags, belts and bracelets, but it’s their buzz-worthy shoes that have brought in customers from around the globe.

From warm-weather weddings to show-stopping red carpet looks, Chêne has a shoe for all occasions. If you’re a boot man – check. You like double monks – check. Brogue shoes – check. So, you’re a wingtip guy – check, check. Chêne launched in the fall of 2018, and has been blessed by the style gods ever since.

“We decided to create this brand to empower and inspire men, and soon women, to look and feel amazing by bringing the best possible quality in our products to them,” Zermeño said.  “We ultimately cater to fashion conscious men and women looking to set trends, not follow them.”

The Chelsea Boot Démarrage is one of the brands best-sellers. It’s a classic Chelsea slip-on boot with Cognac crust patina, a calf leather lining and a leather sole. The boots can be paired with either jeans or tailored dress pants, but of course the fit is key.

The double monks are the shoes to get right now in men’s fashion, and you can pick up the Doble Moine from Chêne. I recently got a pair and the shoes are impeccable. As a shoe line that can customize shoes for their customers, Chêne can also engrave your initials in the heel of the shoe. It’s a subtle detail that says so much.


Doble Moine Double Monks with Engraved Initials

“Our advantage goes hand-in-hand with how our shoes and leather goods are made,” Zermeño said. “We have selected the highest quality of shoemakers and artisans in the world to create our vision of what ultimately is a distinguished piece of art. We offer a personal touch that is hard to find in other shoe brands.”

And as the winter to spring weather changes in the coming months, Chêne Du Paris can keep your shoe game on an even playing field, season after season.

Free shipping is offered to customers around the world, and you can view the full Chêne Du Paris collection here.

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