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Uchi Looks Ahead with the “Road to Oktoberfest”

by Jacquari Harris | July 11, 2016 1:52 am CDT

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The “rule of three” generally has a positive connotation and suggests that things that come in threes are slightly more satisfying. We can admit this by the all-time popularity of the three-member music groups Green Day and Destiny’s Child. Even in the fashion world, Tom Ford’s Windsor Base Sharkskin three-piece suit isn’t complete until you have all of its signature parts. And when Uchi says dinner is served as a three-part series, you perk up and wonder, “What’s that about?”

Uchi / JMG Magazine

Chef Lance Gillum

Uchi launches its “Road to Oktoberfest” with a 3-Night-Only Beer Dinner Series with a unique menu that is paired with some familiar names. Helmed by Uchi’s Chef de Cuisine Lance Gillum, each of the three nights will be paired with local breweries that include: Karbach Brewing Company, 8th Wonder Brewery and Saint Arnold Brewing Company.

The series kicks off on Tuesday, July 26, with Karbach Brewing Company at 6 p.m. Guests will be treated to multiple courses with a Karbach product paired with each course.

Opening Night Menu with Karbach:
* Amuse Bouché, with Weisse Versa Wheat
* Vermilion Snapper٠Heirloom Tomato٠Berries, with Weisse Versa Wheat
* Grilled Oysters٠Bonito Butter, with Staycation
* Pig Head٠Violet Mustard, with Love Street
* Branzino٠Thai Mango Salad, with Weekend Warrior
* Morel Garganelli٠Short Rib٠Egg, with Hopadillo IPA
* Figs٠Cheese, with Rodeo Clown

The second night of the three-part series is on Wednesday, Aug. 3, with 8th Wonder Brewery, and the finale will be in September featuring Saint Arnold Brewing. The dinner is $85 per person, and reservations are still available.

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