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Featured Property: 3618 Burlington

by Jeremy Fain | December 8, 2016 10:33 am CDT

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In the midst of all of the new construction going up all over town the thing we’re quick to forget is how rich of a history that our great city of Houston has.  There are numerous homes that have historic designations and that are rich with experiences.  One home in particular that I am working very closely with is 3618 Burlington.  This home is located in the historic Westmoreland District in the Montrose area and was built c.1908 by Russell Brown which was THE premier home builder during that time.  He built homes in Westmoreland, River Oaks, and many other fine neighborhoods of Houston.

Burlington, in particular, is built in the Queen Anne style with intricate flooring, effortless stained glass windows, with a flow of the modern entertaining lifestyle.  When the current owners purchased this home almost two years ago it was in need of a tender, loving touch.  Over the last 15 months they have basically restored this home from zero addressing the foundation, sanding and re-staining floors, manipulating walls / doors, placing beautiful marble countertops, and giving the home a fresh breath of life.  It has just been proven that a piece of history can truly be given a modern twist which is beyond livable for today’s families.


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