Equinox | Firestarter

Equinox | Firestarter

Equinox Introduces Its ‘Next Generation’ Cardio Class

by Sydney Zenon | June 12, 2017 12:27 pm CDT

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Now that summer is here, it’s time to take that summer body off of hiatus. Tie up your laces and head to the gym. There is still time to hit the ground running with the help of a fast and fun fitness class at Equinox River Oaks. They’ve got the perfect class selection to whip you into shape just in time for summer shorts season.

Firestarter is Equinox River Oaks’ newest class, perfect for the cardio fanatic. It’s a 30-minute cardio HIIT training class with fast-paced intervals sure to torch your metabolism. There is no equipment needed other than a simple step bench. You’ll use your bodyweight to carry you through this calorie-scorching class.

The high intensity training technique paired with a low intensity recovery is where the magic lies in this workout. It can be done in a shorter amount of time than a traditional workout with the same, if not better, results. The short bursts of complete effort are sure to make you sweat your socks off quick.

Be sure to book your spot at Equinox River Oaks to get your body in the best shape in half the amount of time.

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