Chateau Crystale

Chateau Crystale

Celebrate New Year’s Eve “Hollywood Style” at the Chateau Crystale

by Jacquari Harris | December 16, 2017 4:14 pm CST

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Hollywood New Year's EveBringing in the New Year with style requires all the right decisions. From your date, to your attire, to the location, pre-planning for New Year’s Eve is essential to having a good time. Contemplating the San Francisco skyline when the clock strikes midnight isn’t a bad idea, while a raucous walk through Times Square may work, but you’re just not quite sure. However, getting decked-out to spend a beautiful evening at a chateau may pique your interest, and there’s a few good reasons why.

Ella Promotions returns with Hollywood New Year’s Eve – a lavish red carpet affair at Chateau Crystale. Nestled away at a distinct location at 2517 South Gessner, Chateau Crystale is a French-inspired venue with the opulence and grandiose to elevate any event.

Hollywood New Year’s Eve is a multi-tiered event with a fashion show, performances and giveaways. The talented Danny Nguyen will glam-up the night with a must-see fashion show, while renowned female impersonator, Steven Andrade, will hit the stage as the one and only Cher.

Ella Promotions is known for their high-profile and one-of-a-kind events. Last year, their “Viva Las Vegas New Year’s Eve Gala 2017” was a crowd-pleaser with a casino, show girls, burlesque and live performers. The production behind their events are always a step above, and this year’s Hollywood New Year’s Eve event is expected to be even better than the last.

The event will also have a dinner, an open bar and a DJ. Tickets are on sale here, or for more information call 713.516.2050.

Chateau Crystale | 2517 South Gessner, Houston, TX 77063 |