Atomic Blonde

‘Atomic Blonde’ is a Hard-Hitting, Yet Sexy Thriller

by Sydney Zenon | July 30, 2017 10:47 pm CST

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If you’re looking for a little bit of mystery, drama and thrills, new film Atomic Blonde has got it all. Charlize Theron is taking on a whole new persona as top-ranking spy Lorraine Broughton, who works for the British government’s foreign intelligence agency MI6. Atomic Blonde

Lorraine is sent to Berlin during the Cold War, tasked with taking down a callous espionage ring that killed an undercover agent for no known reasons and to find a missing list of double agents. In order to complete the mission, she must partner with Berlin station chief David Percival (James McAvoy) to bring them down.

For a genre of movies that have been dominated by predominantly male leads, Theron is giving them a run for their money. She’s reportedly completed most of her own stunts to create the real-life action that occurs in the film. Catch Theron in all of her action-movie glory in theaters now.