kanye West

Kanye West

A Kanye West Tribute is Confirmed, While Yeezy Works on New Music

by Jacquari Harris | June 14, 2017 7:27 pm CDT

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He may not be as photo-friendly as his wife Kim, but Kanye West knows how to make a statement, and he does it by doing what he does best – making music. According to a new Variety interview with Def Jam’s CEO Steve Bartels, Kanye is indeed working on new music.

Kanye is working, that’s been widely reported. He’s always very focused, and our relationship with him is that we always have great respect for him and when he’s ready to do something or talk about something, we’re there for him, we totally support his vision and his focus, and that’s where we leave it. I check in with him from time to time just to see how he’s doing. What’s great about our relationship is that I always know when it’s go time — because he wakes me up. [Laughter]

How soon and when we could expect something from ‘Ye isn’t known, but if you’re in Houston, The Waxaholics have something that can tide you over. Houston’s vinyl-only spinning DJs are hosting the Kanye West Vinyl Tribute on Thursday, June 15, at the Alley Kat. Now if you’re an avid record shopper, then you know that vinyl records can be hard to find for post-millennium artists such as Kanye, but apparently DJ Big Reeks and The Waxaholics crew knew just where to go.

Doors for the Kanye West Vinyl Tribute open at 8 p.m.

Alley Kat | 3718 Main, Houston, TX 77002 | 713.874.0722