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Akris - Fall 2016

The River Oaks District Makes Way for Akris

by Victoria Richards
| August 9, 2016 12:30 am CDT

The luxurious movement and inspirational growth of modern wealth continues to live on in the River Oaks District. Our city’s popular shopping center plans to bring international fashion brand Akris to their latest collection of high end fashion boutiques.

Akris, a Switzerland-based fashion house founded in 1922, might be a mystery to some Houstonians. But this brand is no stranger to the most elite of runway shows in the world. In fact, Akris is very well known on Paris fashion runways for quality fabrics such as cashmere, silk and linen, in addition to a unique style of stitching on their designs.

As far as location is concerned, the River Oaks district is ultimately the best place for Akris. Why? Well when you figure the amount of Houstonians that are familiar with this brand, you may find that more are unfamiliar than those that are well versed on this successful international designer label. If you aren’t familiar, that’s totally okay.

As a matter of fact, it seems like the River Oaks shopping district is becoming the perfect hub for those who seek to expand their wardrobes with something fresh and new. The shopping center is making a habit out of adding fashion boutiques and brands that Houston hasn’t had the pleasure of having before. And of course you can always find more information about Akris by visiting them online at


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