TEAMM8 Announces Gender
Neutral Collection, ONE

by Colin Mahar
| October 12, 2022 8:56 pm CDT

Men’s athletic wear brand TEAMM8 recently announced the release of a new line of gender-neutral clothing that will be out this fall. This new line marks the first time in the brand’s 14-year history that it is branching out beyond men’s clothing, a move designed to promote inclusivity and acceptance of everyone, regardless of their pronouns.


The new capsule leisure-wear collection will feature an assortment of track pants, shorts and hoodies available in three different tones – amazing, gorgeous and stunning. The line will celebrate diversity and the differences in age, identity, sexuality and gender that make us all unique.


The leisure-wear collection is a repurposing of TEAMM8’s Skin collection, an underwear line that featured the same three tones. According to Michal Nicolas, the brand’s founding director, “Skin reflects the beauty of all people from all races and emphasizes how differences should be embraced rather than challenged. The same message applies in our ONE collection, but its focus is on celebrating gender.”


Nicolas created TEAMM8 in a home studio in 2008 and has since acquired a massive following in the USA. He credits the business’ success to its ability to adjust to the needs of its customers and create products that make them feel good about themselves and their bodies.


In addition to the new gender-neutral collection, the brand also recently introduced the Bamboo collection, which includes its first-ever boxer shorts and a bikini brief with a matching T-shirt. If you’re searching for a clothing brand with stylish designs and a socially conscious focus, shop TEAMM8 today.