Brasa's Brazilian Steakhouse

Swipe Right and Say Yes
to Brasa’s Brazilian Steakhouse
for V-Day

by Jacquari Harris
| February 1, 2023 6:05 pm CST

Whether you’re in the mood for a romantic dinner for two, a night of Netflix and chill, or you’re still swiping right, hoping to find that perfect someone, Valentine’s Day is a day of love, sweets, and good food. And if dining out is an option, Brasa’s Brazilian Steakhouse should be on your shortlist as a V-Day dinner destination.

Brasa's Brazilian Steakhouse

Brasa’s Brazilian Steakhouse

Brasa’s Brazilian Steakhouse is an all-you-can-eat churrascaria restaurant. Since opening in 2020, Brasa’s has delivered meaningful flavors with a culinary flair in downtown Houston. The two-story restaurant is the go-to for business lunches, hosting private events, and a nice dinner before going to a special event in the area.

The restaurant’s Rodizio-style service includes 15 different types of meats delivered tableside at your request. These choices include filet mignon, short ribs, ribeye, garlic beef, lamb chops, bacon-wrapped chicken, salmon, shrimp, and the traditional Brazilian steakhouse favorite – Picanha. This prime cut of sirloin is seasoned and cooked to perfection, making it a staple for Brasa’s regulars.

Brasa's Brazilian Steakhouse

Bacon-wrapped chicken at Brasa’s Brazilian Steakhouse

The Rodizio-style service at Brasa’s is an entertaining way to enjoy a Valentine’s Day meal with that special someone. You get to anticipate, try and enjoy the different meats as you discuss your favorites. The side items at Brasa’s include rice, black beans, mashed potatoes, fried bananas, and polenta.

Brasa’s salad bar complements its curated meats selection with various salads, cheeses, fresh vegetables, soups, and other hot items. It may be a good idea to visit the salad bar before the meats start flowing in. But either way, a trip from the salad bar is sure to spark the “What did you get?” conversation, especially if this is a first date.

Brasa's Brazilian Steakhouse

Cocktails at Brasa’s Brazilian Steakhouse

The restaurant has a full bar with a specialty cocktail menu that includes the Caipirinha, a signature cocktail at most Brazilian steakhouses. The cocktail is made with fresh lime juice, sugar, and cachaça, Brazil’s national spirit. The Caipirinha is a cold cocktail that bodes well with the mighty flavors of the Picanha, short ribs, or other meats.

Valentine’s Day is coming soon, and Brasa’s is in a prime location for an after-dinner movie, concert, or live show. You can make reservations today at