Rose Gold

Rose Gold Cocktail Den / Photo: Ulisses Garcia

Rose Gold Fridays: An Upscale Crowd with Live Entertainment

by Jacquari Harris
| April 15, 2018 11:18 pm CDT

Rose Gold Cocktail DenThere’s never a shortage of places to party and have a good time on a Friday night. From West Houston to downtown, there’s options to meet new people, chill or dance shoulder-to-shoulder. Rose Gold Cocktail Den is a venue in Midtown that offers all of these things, including a cocktail menu that’s hard to resist.

Rose Gold opened over a year ago, and is still going strong with its Friday night destination – Rose Gold Fridays. The weekly event is hosted by Project Zero, A Few Good Men and Rose Gold Fridays is where you’ll find an upscale urban crowd, and you never know who’ll be stopping by. From professional athletes to music stars, Rose Gold Fridays offers a wide variety of live entertainment and guest appearances.

There’s complimentary admission until 11 p.m. with RSVP. So click here for access and to make plans for your next Friday night out.