Victor Calderone

Victor Calderone at Rich's (2009) / Photos: David Wilhelm

Rich’s Ready: Victor Calderone Makes His Return to Houston for Kinda Super Disco

by Jacquari Harris
| May 29, 2018 11:21 pm CDT

As house music gained steam and popularity in the ‘90s, there were several DJs credited for a music genre that swept the country from San Francisco to New York. From Frankie Knuckles to Danny Tenaglia, house music became a revolution with each DJ finding their own niche.

Victor & Jacquari

Jacquari Harris & Victor Calderone at Rich’s (2009)

As a New York native, Victor Calderone became a big part of that revolution, especially after the release of his debut album, E=VC² in 1999. E=VC² was the quintessential dance album for a generation of progressive and tribal house music lovers. Victor’s sound has evolved over the years, but in my 2009 interview with the producer before his show at Rich’s in Houston, he relived the creative process of putting E=VC² together.

“I was trying something different. The process started out with me taking inspirations from my live DJ gigs, and pulling songs that people have responded to. It’s hard for a CD to represent in 74 minutes a full live set. So I just took from the sets that people recognized and connected to.”

Victor has been a DJ and producer for over 30 years now, with many high-profile remixes and collaborations including Madonna, Sting, Richie Hawtin and Adam Beyer, to name a few. And the dance music vet will soon be returning to Houston to deliver his techno sound once again. On Friday, June 15, Victor will be performing for Kinda Super Disco at Rich’s.

I asked Victor nine years ago to describe his sound and he said, “It’s an underlining thread which is tribal and drums.” I guess we’ll have to see which direction he’ll take us in next month. Tickets for Victor’s show are one sale now.

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