From Left to Right: Russell Brand, Dwayne Johnson & Rob Corddry in Season 4 of 'Ballers'

New Season of ‘Ballers’ Returns with Big Deals in the City of Angels

by Raveen Johnson | August 14, 2018 11:10 pm CST

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HBO’s Ballers is back for its highly anticipated 4th season, and this time they are taking their dreams to the City of Angels. Spencer Strasmore (Dwayne Johnson) and Joe Kutel (Rob Corddry) are trying their hand in the extreme sports world in hopes of bringing in new clients, and they are definitely in for a bumpy ride.

Football is still the main sport this season, but Strasmore and Kutel’s new business venture will also include skateboarding, surfing and boxing, just to name a few. They’ve got a new plan in mind that brings on a host of obstacles along the way, one being the “bad guy” who is played by actor and comedian Russell Brand. In an interview, Corddry described Brand’s character as “inherently likeable” despite being at odds with the main characters.

The Rock

Ricky (John David Washington) is still figuring out the best way to balance a relationship, fatherhood and his mental health while trying to keep his career afloat. Spencer is also having a few relationship qualms, as we saw him juggle infertility issues and Chloe’s reservations about his readiness and motivation for becoming a father.

Viewers can expect to see all of the old cast members this season, but there is a new twist on all of their storylines.

“It is an evolution of Ballers that fans of past seasons are going to love. It’s not the same old thing,” Corddry said in an interview.

Season 4 of Ballers will be adventurous, action-packed and drama-filled. Tune in to HBO on Aug. 12 for the season premiere.