Joe Gauthreaux

Joe Gauthreaux

Joe Gauthreaux Pride Episode
for the JMG Live! Music Lounge

by Jacquari Harris
| June 22, 2017 1:01 am CDT

From circuit parties to dance clubs, DJ Joe Gauthreaux has never met a beat he couldn’t master. As a songwriter and producer, Joe has ignited dance floors for 20 years with his remixes including songs by Tony Moran, Kristine W, Adele and even Justin Bieber.

So it’s safe to say that booking Joe to kick off Pride weekend at Rich’s made club goers, bartenders and a few drag divas quite happy. So I invited Joe on the JMG Live! Music Lounge podcast to discuss his Pride set for Rich’s, new music and working with DJ Grind.

JMG: You partnered with DJ Grind for the Gauthreaux + Grind Tour this summer. Why did you guys decide to tour together?
Joe Gauthreaux: We have been working pretty closely together in the past couple of years. He’s remixed a couple of my tracks and I remixed a couple of his. We released our track last year called “Show Me (What You Got).” So that became kind of a club hit, if you will. So we knew this summer that we were teaming up with Inaya Day to release a cover of “Love is in the Air.” So we wanted to promote that, and we wanted to do something for the fans. While we do have our fans that get excited about us individually, it’s good to change things up and give people something different. And also when two DJs play together, it creates a different sound. Because where we’re alike in some parts, we are different. So playing together creates a new energy and a new sound. You have a combination of his fans and my fans and there is some overlap, but each bring our own thing to the table and create this excitement around the gig.

Listen to Joe Gauthreaux’s full interview on the JMG Live! Music Lounge podcast below. The podcast is also available on iTunes, Google Play and SoundCloud.