Photo: Gravity

Gravity in Midtown is Attracting House and Dance Music Lovers

by Samantha Cooper
| February 5, 2018 12:32 am CST

A boutique nightclub can provide some of the best experiences when going out. With an intimate atmosphere, you can hear your friends, dance to the music your way and have easy access when it’s time to grab the attention of the cute guy by the bar. And that’s why Gravity in Midtown should be on your to-do list.

Gravity is located at 2401Main, and the club is the newest venue in Houston where you can hear house, techno and a wide variety of dance music. The club has a few shows coming up this month, including UK DJ/Producer Jordan Suckley on Feb. 17, as well as Pig&Dan on Feb. 22.

Gravity is open Thursday through Saturday, and you can enjoy the melodic beats from the venue’s VOID sound system indoors or outside on the patio.

You can get more information on Gravity at, including details about their signature drink menu.

Gravity | 2401 Main, Houston, TX 77002