Gotham Pizza

Gotham Pizza

Gotham Pizza Delivers Beer and Wine

by Jacquari Harris
| June 28, 2019 6:49 pm CDT

New York is the epicenter of innovation, wealth, fashion and international cuisine from over 30 countries. But when it comes to food, one staple can be found abundantly throughout the state – pizza. New York-style pizza has popularized the dish, making this hand-tossed meal a classic.

Recipes for the dish have trickled throughout the country to restaurants and pizzerias, including a neighborhood spot in Houston’s Midtown area. Located at 2204 Louisiana, Gotham Pizza is owned by Earl Spielman from Buffalo, New York. Spielman is a pizza connoisseur who has created a pizzeria that locals have come to enjoy with a 95% retention rate of customers returning.

“Nothing is more important than our customers, our customers are family,” Spielman said.

And there are several reasons why Houstonians are vying for Gotham Pizza. For starters, Spielman and his team are making made-to-order brick oven pizzas with natural and fresh ingredients. Also, every pizza that they make is custom and they don’t hold back with their Texas-size portions.

The restaurant is heavily engaged with the neighborhood, as Gotham Pizza can be served at local Midtown bars such as Howl at the Moon, Maple Leaf Pub and the House of Blues. The restaurant can also deliver beer and wine with your delivery order.

In addition to pizzas, Gotham Pizza offers other items such as pastas, hoagies and calzones. So if you’re craving the taste of The Big Apple’s most famous food, stop in for a meal at Gotham Pizza, and you’ll understand why customers keep coming back.

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