Faux Fur Works in the Houston Heat

by Victoria Richards
| December 8, 2016 12:34 pm CST

JMG Magazine / Bebe


Yay! Summer is behind us and so are the scorching hot temperatures, right? Eh…maybe not so much. Sometimes it can become a tad bit difficult to stay on top of fall and winter fashion trends when it seems like Houston weather no longer offers those cooler seasonal temperatures. Don’t get me wrong, it’s certainly not as hot as it was in August, but technically the weather that we are experiencing isn’t quite faux fur friendly. I’ll explain how you make something like that work in Houston weather.

Let me start off by confessing that yes, I did wear a black faux fur coat in almost 80 degree weather the other day. And no I don’t feel dumb about it because I loved myself in it. The number one goal is to make sure that you above all people feel great in the skin that you’re in.

The second goal is to incorporate your personal style into an outfit. So, for instance, with my black faux fur coat I paired a black mini body con dress along with a high waist denim skirt over it. This look went very well with a pair of chunky heeled black strappy sandals. Did I suffer a heat stroke? No. And it was simply because I only used the fur coat as a statement piece. Everything else that I wore under it was very minimal which allowed for me to keep from overheating.

You must be willing to try something different and go with your gut! If that look seems a bit too complicated, you can always just wear a bodysuit from fashionnova.com. They’re super comfy, breathable and easily go with any type of outerwear.

We can still stick to trends in this wonky Houston weather without passing out or looking silly. Just go for it!


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