Chef Ruchit Harneja

Executive Pastry Chef Ruchit Harneja | Photo: Musaafar

Chef Ruchit Harneja Wins
'Spring Baking Championship' Episode

by Jacquari Harris
| March 23, 2023 4:23 pm CDT

Houston has a rich and diverse culinary scene with award-winning chefs and must-see restaurants known around the world. Executive Pastry Chef Ruchit Harneja of the high-concept Indian restaurant Musaafar added himself to the list by winning the latest episode of the Food Network’s Spring Baking Championship.

Chef Ruchit Harneja and Sunny Anderson

Chef Ruchit Harneja and host Sunny Anderson on Food Network’s ‘Spring Baking Championship.’ Photo: Food Network


Spring Baking Championship premiered on March 6, featuring eight bakers competing for a cash prize and the Golden Easter Egg. Harneja won the competition on the March 20 episode, and his winning dish was an Easter-inspired honey-glazed ham.


The celebrated dessert featured the flavor profiles of a hickory smoked ham with pineapple, honey, cherry, and cloves.


Harneja has recreated the dessert for Houstonians and visitors alike to experience at Musaafar through April 9. Harneja is known for using his creativity and imagination when creating desserts, and his Easter-inspired honey-glazed ham is no different.  

Chef Ruchit Harneja's honey-glazed ham dessert

Honey-glazed ham dessert at Musaafar | Photo: Musaafar


“This is a very typical Easter preparation that I’m turning into a dessert by converting it from a savory preparation to something sweet,” Ruchit said.


“I enjoy pushing the boundaries to explore more interesting flavor combinations, and this dessert is no exception. It consists of all the components and flavor profiles of the classic Easter dish, including the ham, but with sweet elements that balance it to perfection.”

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