Cardi B & Bruno Mars

Bruno Mars and Cardi B Revisit the ’90s in the “Finesse” (Remix) Music Video

by Christopher Joseph | February 4, 2018 10:28 pm CST

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In 2017, you couldn’t turn on the radio without hearing Cardi B’s famous single “Bodak Yellow” at least once. Cardi was all over the news with her record-breaking numbers and multiple chart-topping singles. She quickly became one of the most popular rappers of the year, and now she’s making a big splash in 2018 alongside the award-winning Bruno Mars in their hit single “Finesse.”

If the fashion and style of previous decades always come back around, the ’90s are back in full effect in Cardi and Bruno’s “Finesse” music video, which makes you want to break out the multicolored wind breaker and do the Cabbage Patch. The music video pays homage to the opening theme of the 1990 Fox sketch comedy show In Loving Color, complete with the oversized shirt with a gold chain, the backwards cap, the massive hoop earrings, and even the dance moves.

This track takes a lot of elements from R&B and new jack swing and blends it so well that just listening to the song can make anyone reminisce about the ’90s. Cardi’s delivery and Bruno’s smooth voice made this single an instant hit that’s sure to keep the dance floor moving this year, even if it does include a little more Kid ‘n Play and Cabbage Patch moves than we’re used to.