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Balani Custom Clothiers Sews the Finest Threads for the Modern Man

by Victoria Richards
| April 5, 2017 11:51 pm CDT

For quite some time now, Balani Custom Clothiers has remained one of the most well-known and established menswear tailor stores in the world. Established in 1961, Balani Custom Clothiers has respectfully earned a ranking as one of the top six tailors on the entire globe. One would argue that the reasoning behind this is because class simply never gets old. Houston is no stranger to boasting the finer things in life, so we must dress the part as well. This booming metropolitan city makes sure to keep its touch of southern charm by keeping a touch of class in the closet.

JMG Magazine / Balani Custom Clothiers

Sleek Shirts by Balani Custom Clothiers

After opening its first showroom in Chicago, Balani Custom Clothiers has expanded across the nation, sweeping Houston under its classy yet modernized approach to men’s tailored suits, dress shirts, slacks and outerwear. All it takes is a quick stroll through downtown Houston to notice that this Bayou City is on the up and up. It’s becoming more about luxury, business and money, so rest assured you’ll see your fellow citizens of Houston dressed to the nines to reflect our love of the finer things in life. A retailer like Balani Custom Clothiers fits perfectly into the Houston market for those who seek a unique, sleek, clean and professional look for day-to-day wear. So, whether you need the perfect outfit for your dream interview or an exquisite tuxedo on your wedding day, visiting Balani Custom Clothiers would be a great option. Or if you can’t make it to their location you also have an option to schedule an at-home appointment as well.

Balani Custom Clothiers

Unique Formal Wear by Balani Custom Clothiers

Balani Custom Clothiers is located near the prominent River Oaks area where many Houston residents shop for all their luxury needs. For more information on collections, pricing and scheduled tailor appointments, visit