Alasdair McLellan

Adele: Here’s How You Can Still Get a Ticket to See Her

by Ryan Gallow
| January 10, 2016 11:40 pm CST

You couldn’t go anywhere in the latter stages of 2015 without hearing Adele’s “Hello,” to the point where it was hard to distinguish casual greetings from lyrics being sung. The unprecedented impact and overall critical acclaim of 25 has launched the British songstress into a stratosphere of expectation not even yet thought to have existed for a contemporary artist.

But if you were hoping to behold Adele’s majesty in person during a stop on her (rather ironically) 24-city North American tour sometime this year, and it took you longer than immediately to make that decision when the tour was announced, you might want to go ahead and file that idea under “Long Shot” in your mental office. The entire tour has been sold out since almost the second it was announced — spanning dates as far out as her Houston stop in November of this year.

Your only chance might be resell, but don’t expect those to come cheap. The absolute worst seats in the house at the Toyota Center are starting at $330 a pop on StubHub. There have even been reports of a reseller in Boston listing their VIP tickets at $10,000 apiece. Maybe a worthwhile investment if you happen to have a bucket of cash lying around, or you end up the lucky winner of next week’s billion-dollar Powerball drawing. Otherwise, you may just want to wait for the DVD.