NettBar / Photos: Chris McCarty

Houston’s Bustling New Strip Welcomes NettBar

by Jacquari Harris | June 21, 2017 12:46 pm CST

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There’s nothing like a good neighborhood bar. A place that can leave the pretentious elements (if desired) of a nightclub behind with cheap drinks, good friends and a scenery that exudes casual coziness. However, being welcomed into the neighborhood isn’t always an easy feat. But when you’re a bar with this kind of social appeal, you don’t boast, you booze with confidence.


Perched on the corner of Nett and Patterson, NettBar made its Heights-area debut on May 16 with outdoor games, frothy cold ones and neighbors eager to take a peek. And by neighbors, I’m not just talking about the human kind. NettBar shares the street with Washington Avenue veterans Aura Nightclub and Fox Hollow, along with fellow newbie FM  Kitchen & Bar. With its variety of options to choose from on any given night, Nett officially converts from a street to the new strip.

NettBar is owned by Oswaldo Gutierrez and his business partners John Caravello and Ryan Echiverri, who crafted an environment that says “quality drinking establishment” instead of tired dive bar. Gutierrez and his team did it up and did it right, with low-key coolness.

But besides the food trucks on site or the urban construction that makes the area a hit for young professionals, NettBar makes its presence known with its own rich history. The venue was converted from a 1900s-era home to a pet-friendly, chardonnay-and-dominos social spot for neighborhood dwellers and hotspot seekers. The outside area is still home to oak trees that were also planted in the 1900s, which offers much-needed shade and respite from a busy work week.


NettBar is open Tuesday through Sundays with events such as Bloody Mary Sundays coming soon. If you’re up for patio games and cocktails, hit up Houston’s new strip and pay a visit to NettBar.

NettBar | 4504 Nett, Houston, TX 77007 | 832.991.8610 |