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Fusion Taco Brings Its Blended Flavors to the Heights

by Jacquari Harris | February 21, 2017 9:23 pm CDT

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Fusion Taco / JMG MagazineFusion Taco opened its newest Houston location this month, offering delightful aromas, colorful cocktails and both indoor and outdoor seating. Located in the Heights at 4706 N. Main Street, the new restaurant stays true to the Fusion Taco mantra that locals have grown accustomed to, which includes creating unique taco combinations with fresh international ingredients.

Fusion Taco is a step above your traditional “taco restaurant,” with menu items that feature a combination of Asian and South American foods with a touch of Gulf coast flair. Some of the standout tacos on the menu include the Asian Angus Steak, BBQ Berkshire Pork, Agedashi Tofi and the Grilled Thai Chicken.

The new location is open seven days a week with happy hour specials daily.

Fusion Taco | 4706 N. Main Street, Houston, TX 77009 | Fusiontaco.com