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Club Nomadic Arrives in Time for Super Week

by Victoria Richards | January 1, 2017 12:15 am CDT

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The Super Bowl is back in Houston after 12 long years, and the city couldn’t be more excited. Since we do it big in Texas, it’s only fitting that nightlife during the Super Bowl LI week be just as huge and amazing. With that being said, Club Nomadic will arrive to Houston during “Super Week” with non-other than the “24K Magic” superstar Bruno Mars as the February 3 headliner.

Let’s first talk about how amazing Club Nomadic is. If you aren’t familiar with this night venue, it’s been referred to as the “ultimate traveling nightclub experience.” Club Nomadic is a 62,500 sq. ft., three tiered, gigantic pop up nightclub. It seems a bit bizarre to even call it a nightclub because it’s just that vast. If you’ve ever had the luxury of experiencing Club Pacha in NYC, imagine that times 10,000; everything is bigger and better in Texas, right? Plus, when you top that scenery off with the experience of watching the phenomenal performer Bruno Mars executing his recent hit album live and in action, there is literally no excuse for you to not want to be there.

Well, the only proper excuse would be that tickets are starting at $175 per person and for the average joe that is quite a lot of money. No worries! You’ve got some time to save up. It’s worth every penny. Tickets are available now on Ticketmaster. For more information, visit