Benny Benassi

Benny Benassi \ Photo: Nick Onken

Benny Benassi Blew the Roof off Clé with His Post-Thanksgiving Performance

by Jacquari Harris | December 1, 2017 10:23 pm CDT

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Benny Benassi hit the stage at Clé on Saturday, Nov. 25, for a post-Thanksgiving set filled with electric basslines, European beats and a few mainstream tracks in between. From the moment Benny hit the decks, he reminded everyone why he’s the “Godfather of Electro.” He moved the crowd with his four-on-the-floor signature sound that kept the dance floor packed from beginning to end.

It was exciting to hear a house music DJ infuse his set with elements of ‘90s-era tribal house, while keeping his playlist fresh with the sounds of EDM and a few radio-friendly cuts. The music was so good, the crowd didn’t want Benny to stop. When the crowd chanted “One more song, one more song,” he definitely obliged.

Benny ended the night with his biggest hit “Satisfaction,” which was the perfect ending to a dance-fueled night.

Before his set, I caught up with Benny to talk about music and his set for the night.

JMG: How is it being back in Houston?
Benny Benassi: I’m super happy. I love Texas. Yesterday I was in Dallas. I’m doing my trip by car from Dallas, so I’m driving. In the United States, I love driving because it’s a different experience than in Italy. I just listen to the radio and different music. I love the vibe, and I do love Houston.

What can your fans expect from your set tonight?
I come from Europe, so I try to play more house with the four-on-the-floor kick. I know now it’s not easy because of trap (music), but I try to stay original with my electro house with four-on-the-floor. All the DJs are doing the same thing right now. There’s a crossover between pop and trap, and it’s a little bit different. I’m one of the older DJs, and I’m trying to stay on board.

Do you have any new music or releases coming out?
I try to find new, younger guys to work with us. I always work with my cousin; we have a studio in Italy and we have a company together. We try to open the window for new and upcoming producers. They send us some beats and stuff and we try to collaborate. It’s the same with my set, but now you need to stay Spotify-friendly. At the beginning, you had to stay radio-friendly, but now it’s Spotify-friendly because radio looks at what’s happening on Spotify. I try to be Spotify-friendly but it’s not easy. We try to find a good crossover between the melody, the voice and bassline. You know, you have something in mind, but when you get into the studio with another musician and you try to put something together, it’s not always easy.

You’ve had some good hits over the years including, of course, “Satisfaction.”
Yeah, maybe I’ll do a greatest hits tour (laughing). I’m joking, just joking.