• Ragin’ Cajun Celebrates Fat Tuesday with “Bands, Beads & Bugs”

    by Jacquari Harris

    Get out your feathered carnival masks and jester hats. Mardi Gras is here. It’s a playful season and an exciting part of the New Year where colorful beads, elaborate masks and rich drinks fuel the streets with celebrations in

  • JMG Magazine / Sult'an Pepper

    Mediterranean Cuisine Offers Zesty Flavors and New Dining Options in Houston

    by Jacquari Harris

    Houston has become such a diverse and cultural hub, so it comes as no surprise that the variety of culinary fare has superseded many other major cities in the United States. Whether you have a taste for a premium steak, fresh

  • In-N-Out / JMG Magazine

    Coming Soon:
    In-N-Out Burger Makes Its Way to Houston

    by Jacquari Harris

    A little overindulgence can be a good thing once in a while. And a new burger restaurant is just the place to experience just that, or rather, a lot of that. From Hopdoddy Burger Bar to Shake Shack, Houston has seen a quite a few

  • JMG Magazine / Live Oak Bar & Grill

    Renowned Chef Takes Comfort Food to the Next Level

    by Jacquari Harris

    Fresh seafood, rich sauces and a little spice are only a few ingredients you’ll find in a Creole-inspired kitchen. Of course, the execution of this beloved style of cooking takes the right cook with the knowledge and culinary

  • JMG Magazine / Biggio's

    Now Open:
    Biggio’s is a Sports Bar Made in Big-Brew Heaven

    by Jacquari Harris

    Houston is home to plenty of attractions for both visitors and residents alike, from museums to outdoor parks to fine restaurants and sporting events. Of course, where you watch a game is almost as important as the players

  • Radio Milano / JMG Magazine

    Coming Soon:
    Celebrate the Holidays in Style with Radio Milano

    by Jacquari Harris

    Authentic meets modern. Traditional meets innovative. At Radio Milano your taste buds will experience the flavors of elevated Italian cuisine prepared with the finest ingredients and attention to even the smallest details. Join

  • Hilton Post Oak/JMG Magazine

    Coming Soon:
    Enjoy a Champagne Holiday Brunch at the Hilton Post Oak

    by Jacquari Harris

    Having a toast with the ones you love for the holidays is always a special time, and the Hilton Houston Post Oak Hotel wants to help you commemorate it. The hotel is hosting a champagne brunch on Sunday, Dec. 25 at their

  • MOD Pizza / JMG Magazine

    MOD Pizza Brings the Taste of Italy to Houston

    by Jacquari Harris

    Have you ever tasted authentic Italian cuisine? I’m not talking about your favorite local fast food joint that can deliver in 15 minutes. I’m referring to rich tomato sauces, fresh salads and the finest ingredients you can

  • The General Public / JMG Magazine

    The General Public Delivers Their A-Game for Brunch

    by Jacquari Harris

    Ah, brunch. The word alone has different meanings to different people. To some, going to brunch means eating with family after church and enjoying quality time together. To others, brunch is a continuation of the Saturday night

  • JMG Magazine / Ragin Cajun

    Create a New Thanksgiving Tradition with Ragin’ Cajun

    by Jacquari Harris

    Preparing for the holidays can be fun, but it can also be a stressful time as you’re trying to decide what to cook, how to cook it and will it be enough for everyone. Then there’s the memo that your favorite aunt is coming in