• Courtney Paul Takes Fitness to the Next Level in Work Out New York

    by Jacquari Harris

    The new season of Work Out New York debuted this December as a reality television docu-series that followed seven high-profile fitness trainers in New York City. The trainers include: Lindsey Clayton, Joe Lazo, Layla Luciano,

  • The Classic Kids Bring Retro Sound to Latest Release

    by Jacquari Harris

    Being a classic means that you’re timeless with quality and style. You won’t expire anytime soon and in fact, you still have a lot to say. And that’s how I like to describe the retro-pop band The Classic Kids. They’re a

  • Chef Ronnie Woo Takes His Culinary Career to the Next Level

    by Jacquari Harris

    He’s funny, smart and knows how to make magic. In the kitchen, that is. Celebrity chef Ronnie Woo hit the airwaves this past summer with his unique new cooking show, Food To Get You Laid on the Logo channel. In each episode,