Bars + Clubs

  • Celebrate Cinco de Mayo at the All-Day “Block Party”

    by Jacquari Harris

    Cinco de Mayo has come a long way from having a simple margarita toast over chips and salsa with some friends at the local Mexican restaurant. Now Cinco de Mayo is celebrated with multi-day festivals and events with specialty

  • EDX

    EDX Has “No Excuses.” He Really is Coming to Houston

    by Jacquari Harris

    From Miami to Rio de Janeiro, EDX a.k.a. Maurizio Colella has crafted his own lane as an EDM beat master with a slew of danceable hits that include 2014’s summer jam “Make Me Feel Good” as well as the evocative sounds from

  • JMG Magazine / Upstairs

    Now Open:
    Rice Village Welcomes a Lively Trip “Upstairs”

    by Jacquari Harris

    The new Upstairs Bar & Lounge is for anyone who lives for handcrafted drinks and classy bites to eat. “Upstairs” is situated in the cool and quaint neighborhood of Rice Village and offers a contemporary vibe for guests

  • JMG Magazine / Dada Life

    Listen to Dada Life’s Pre-Show Podcast Interview

    by Jacquari Harris

    The third episode of the JMG Live! Music Lounge podcast featuring Dada Life is now available. From “Born to Rage” to The Compound: Evolved tour, Dada Life continues to share their progressive dance sound with the

  • JMG Magazine / Bartender Contest

    Calling Houston Bartenders for the “Most Imaginative” Contest

    by Jacquari Harris

    The best way to celebrate a night out is with a well made drink. As many may know, a drink is only as good as its bartender. The best on Houston’s bartending scene will have an opportunity to show what their drink skills are

  • Casa Blanca Lounge

    Now Open:
    Casa Blanca Lounge Arrives to Downtown Houston

    by Jacquari Harris

    Finding a great place that offers specialty mixed drinks with a unique atmosphere isn’t hard to do in Houston, and just within the last month, it’s gotten even easier. Casa Blanca Lounge opens in downtown Houston as

  • JMG Magazine / Brody Jenner

    Brody Jenner Plans a Visit to ‘Sunday School’

    by Jacquari Harris

    Brody Jenner is a TV personality and all-around hottie that’s returning to Houston for an appearance at Spire this Sunday, March 12. Jenner is known for his reality TV appearances on shows such as The Princes of Malibu and

  • JMG Magazine / Don Diablo

    Don Diablo Brings the Heat with Latest Single “Switch”

    by Jacquari Harris

    With the spring and festival seasons coming soon, it looks like Don Diablo decided to get ahead of the game with an in-your-face anthem. “Switch” is the Dutch DJ’s latest single that’s out now on his

  • JMG Magazine / Super Bowl Weekend

    Hip-Hop Artists Raise the Roof at Aura for Super Bowl Weekend

    by Jacquari Harris

    With the world’s eyes on Houston during Super Bowl weekend, the city couldn’t have looked better with special events, red carpets and A-list celebs making their way to the nearest H-Town hotspot. And it was only

  • JMG Magazine / Rose Gold

    Now Open:
    Opulent by Design: Rose Gold Cocktail Den Arrives with Style

    by Jacquari Harris

    At the beginning of the New Year, many of us are looking forward to the start of something new. That could be new travel plans to Miami for the spring, a fresh new jacket for Houston’s on-again, off-again winter weather, or

  • JMG Music Charts

    The JMG Music Charts consists of top songs played by local DJs at venues in the Houston area.