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  • JMG Magazine / Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo

    Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo Returns with Improved Lineup

    by Jacquari Harris

    The Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo has returned to town, an event that everyone in the city has been waiting for. Did I mention that there is a carnival, too? Aside from seeing various animals, you also get to see some of your

  • World-Renowned Artist Romero Britto Brings a Pop of Color to The Galleria

    by Jacquari Harris

    Romero Britto returns to Houston for a special exhibition that he’s hosting at Off The Wall Gallery from January 20-22. The Brazil-born artist will share his latest painting with art aficionados who enjoy his use of colors and

  • Holocaust Museum Houston/ JMG Magazine

    Holocaust Museum Houston Hosts the “Bittersweet Harvest” Exhibit

    by Jacquari Harris

    The first of its kind to hit the city, the Holocaust Museum Houston will be hosting its first Spanish/English bilingual exhibit. The exhibit entitled titled “Bittersweet Harvest: The Bracero Program 1942-1964,” will showcase

  • Opening Night for ‘The Coffee Shop’ Stage Play is Coming Soon to MATCH

    by Jacquari Harris

    Sipping on a fresh brewed pot of black coffee while skimming through Yahoo! news and dishing on the latest gossip are a few things you can expect to find in any coffee shop. So it’s no surprise that this mid-morning ritual was

  • See Houston’s Own Alfredo Scaroina’s Must-See Art

    by Jacquari Harris

    Critically acclaimed artist Alfredo Scaroina continues to thrill with his striking sense of artistry. The Dominican Republic-born artist brings a unique flair to his artwork that might be a bit confusing to the untrained eye. His

  • Sculpture Houston / JMG Magazine

    Sculpture Month Celebrates Local Artists in Houston

    by Jacquari Harris

    What do “Lady Justice,” “Pieta” and “The Thinker” all have in common with each other? If you guessed that they are all famous and influential pieces of art, then you’re absolutely right. While art sculpture remains

  • Renowned Parsons Dance Company Plans Houston Performance

    by Jacquari Harris

    The world renowned Parsons Dance Company, founded by David Parsons, has captivated audiences across the globe for more than 30 years, with performances in the Spoleto Festivals and many television appearances. And now, the

  • JMG Magazine / Peter Max

    Peter Max Exhibit Opens in Houston

    by Jacquari Harris

    If you’ve got an artsy side to you and are craving some new inspiration in your life, you’d probably be interested in attending the new Peter Max Exhibit which will feature the legendary artist’s creative take on pop

  • New Mummy Exhibit Rises in Houston This Fall

    by Jacquari Harris

    If you have ever wondered what it might be like to study the life of someone hundreds, or even thousands of years old, then you don’t want to miss this museum attraction coming to Houston. The Houston Museum of Natural

  • The Latest Exhibit at the Houston Museum of Natural Science

    by Jacquari Harris

    The Houston Museum of Natural Science has been the host for many prominent exhibitions that range from the spiritual to the archeological to The Society of Animal Artists Exhibition, which is an artistic portrayal of the animals