Ain't Always Been Saved

Ain't Always Been Saved a Christmas to Remember

‘Ain’t Always Been Saved’ Brings the Love to the Encore Theatre

by Raveen Johnson | December 13, 2017 11:53 pm CST

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You have been cordially invited to a Christmas party where the holidays are happy and the room is filled with glee. What seems to be a reunion between Vicki and all of her old industry friends turns out to be a reunion full of secrets that have been waiting to be exposed. Presents aren’t the only things getting unwrapped this year!

Vicki, Debra, Noni, and Henry are back in the sequel of Ain’t Always Been Saved. If you’ve been keeping up with this stage play, put on by 1989 Dreams Productions, then you’re familiar with Vicki Lorraine Morgans, a famous public figure whose life went downhill due to drugs and alcohol.

She is back on the road to recovery and looking to reunite with old friends all in the name of holiday spirit, but that spirit doesn’t seem to resonate with some of her party guests. In fact, fun is last on the agenda as dirty little secrets reveal themselves and Vicki is faced with drama that she wasn’t expecting.

Will Vicki be able to stay on the right track in the midst of negative influences? Come out to Encore Theatre for the answer. Ain’t Always Been Saved a Christmas to Remember has three showings on December 16 and 17. General admission tickets are $25.00 each. For more information, visit: